Production of bioproducts by endophytic fungi: chemical ecology, biotechnological applications, bottlenecks, and solutions

1 de agosto de 2018

Endophytes are microorganisms that colonize the interior of host plants without causing apparent disease. They have been widely studied for their ability to modulate relationships between plants and biotic/abiotic stresses, often producing valuable secondary metabolites that can affect host physiology. Owing to the advantages of microbial fermentation over plant/cell cultivation and chemical synthesis, endophytic fungi have received significant attention as a mean for secondary metabolite production. This article summarizes currently reported results on plant-endophyte interaction hypotheses and highlights the biotechnological applications of endophytic fungi and their metabolites in agriculture, environment, biomedicine, energy, and biocatalysts. Current bottlenecks in industrial development and commercial applications as well as possible solutions are also discussed.
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