El uso de las redes sociales y el engagement de los clubes de la Liga Endesa ACB

11 de junio de 2018

Social networks have become an ideal platform to raise awareness and increase the visibility of a brand or company and also to interact and analyze the actions of the fans and followers of these ones. Because of this, the present study aims to find out the different social networks which are employed by the basketball clubs Endesa ACB League, and examine if the use of Facebook and Twitter, have a correlation, in terms of Engagement, with the position in the ranking at the end of the league, number of wins, years since the founding of the club and attendance of spectators in stadiums. All League clubs Endesa ACB (18 basketball clubs) of the 2015-2016 season were researched by using an observation sheet, and subsequent descriptive and multiple linear regression analysis. The results indicate the use, by all the clubs, of Facebook and Twitter, and a third social network called YouTube. The top three teams in the rankings showed the highest values of Engagement on Facebook, and the first two and the ninth in the Engagement on Twitter. Lastly, the number of victories of a team seemed to be the predictor of Engagement on Facebook and Twitter. Although the number of studies on social networks are increasing, these findings show the need to further analyze possible predicting factors of Engagement, to thereby be able to determine which variables may have an effect in the commitment and the relationship of fans and followers of basketball clubs.

ISSN: 15788423



Fuente: SCOPUS

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